Sunday, 28 September 2014

It Begins..

Hello Blogger!

So i've started this blog to document my fly fishing excursions. Theres no denying it, I absolutely love the sport! I am studying a degree in Environmental Science with Exeter University, living and studying on their Falmouth campus. Why Falmouth? Well, how many universities in England can you name where you can surf, dive, hike, cliff jump, have a great night out and most importantly fish?! It's a fantastic place to live, and theres a million and one opportunities.

What can you expect from this blog? I'll start by saying this, you don't have to be a fishing nut to enjoy the posts on here. I'll be mixing in a few bits and bobs about other adventures, but it will definitely help if you love fly fishing as much as me! Not only will I be documenting my own trips, I will also do gear reviews, discussion points and some fly tying stuff as well!

I hope this blog will promote fly fishing in the UK, because as a relatively young angler I can certainly tell you that this is no old mans sport! Its an exciting, challenging and engaging occupation. I'll end by sharing a video with you, which I absolutely love, because it really captures the way I feel about fly fishing - its true, the next generation are here and they're "knocking on the door".

Knockin' on the Door from Will benson on Vimeo.

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