Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi Tool - Review

Although he’s not big in the angling world, Bear Grylls is a bit of a legend to say the least. Outdoors and survival skills aren’t everyone’s bag, but it’s important to be prepared. To relate this to our fishing, what if you’re on a hike in to a distant lake or stream and something goes wrong? Or get caught out whilst chasing Bass off of a remote rock mark? You need some good quality outdoors gear to help you get through these scenarios. I’m a sucker for ‘boys toys’ and love anything like this, so here we go, my first gear review!

On first impressions the Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi Tool looks quality. The colours, the metal work, and the stylish engraving all add to a great looking piece of kit. It is supplied with a military grade ballistic nylon sheath and a Priorities of Survival pocket guide written by Mr Grylls himself.

The pocket guide is fun, interesting
potentially life saving. 
The military grade, ballistic nylon
sheath is tough and adaptable.

The sheath can be attached in a multitude
of ways.

The multi tool is comprised of 12 tools, all intricately tucked away inside the two-part construction:

-        Spring loaded pliers with wire cutters at the back of the jaws.
-        Scissors.
-        Fine edge knife.
-        Serrated knife.
-        Saw blade.
-        Phillips screwdriver.
-        Small flat head screwdriver.
-        Large flat head screwdriver.
-        Bottle opener.
-        Can opener.
-        Lanyard ring.

All made with weather resistant parts and materials, which to me, says keep out of saltwater! However if you wash and oil your multi tool regularly (as you should anyway) and immediately wash it after use in salt water then it should be fine.

The components also have a locking mechanism, which not only makes the tools safer but also easier to use.

The handles are ergonomically shaped, making the product look and feel good in the hand. As multi tools go, in my experience, it’s quite a heavy tool. However I like this, as it really feels as if you’re holding a sturdy piece of kit, which in reality... You are! To go with the brushed finish on the metal work, the handles feature a rubber grip boasting the Bear Grylls logo, all in a grey and orange colour scheme.

Now lets talk money, it’s a cracking tool, so I’d expect it to come in at the higher end of prices. However, even on the Bear Grylls official site it comes in at a comfortable £64.99, and other sights have them up as a lot cheaper. When compared to other products which can vary from £20 to over £100 dependent on quality, I recon this tool is priced very generously.

In conclusion, my favourite features of this brilliant multi tool are:

-        Spring loading on the pliers.
-        Subtle, yet smart colour scheme and design.

-        Ballistic military grade nylon sheath with a Priorities of Survival guide tucked inside.

Heres a few words from the man himself: 

Get yours here:

Hope you enjoyed my first gear review. I'm hoping to do some more in the future, and when the weather finally turns (i'm in the grips of a big storm at the moment) i'll be out on the fish again!

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