Sunday, 22 February 2015

Lazy Sundays

We’ve had some massive spring tides here in Falmouth over the last few days, off the chart lows followed by flooding highs. Unfortunately, all the high tides have been late at night, so I haven’t been able to fish them! However, all is not lost, as a good low tide allows you to scrutinise every last inch of the ground that you will be fishing over when the water comes up. It’s really interesting to see spots where you’ve hooked fish, and to see the exact habitat they were feeding in. Anyway, today is a new day, and today its thrashing it down with rain… So what’s on the agenda for us anglers who always have to be doing something fishy? Well, I could brave the weather? Read up on some aquatic/fishing related topics? Do some tying? Your choice, but I’m going to stay in bed with a strong coffee and watch some of my favourite fluff chucking films! Of course, as usual, I will be sharing them with you guys.

Vision Fly Fishing, what do you think of them as a brand? They’re very popular in Europe and Scandinavia, but less so over hear in England it seems. I for one love their gear, I’ve seen a lot of it and held a few rods, but admittedly never owned any of it. One day though, one day! They’ve recently bought out loads of new gear, including a double-handed version of their very successful Vipu rod range (which I have my eyes on, along with the striking Kela reel for the perfect start to double handed Salmon fishing – My new years resolution).

I’ve probably left you feeling thoroughly confused. What does Vision have to do with watching videos on a rainy Sunday? Well it just so happens that one of my favorite YouTube series – Fly Tv – is produced in association with Vision Fly Fishing! So here it goes, get a brew on, crack a beer, I don’t know, whatever, just watch and enjoy!

This first video shows some amazing Pike fishing from the fantastic Niklaus Bauer, chucking huge flies for massive Esox. What’s not to like?

Now for something a little different, the 180 Challenge, where two anglers have 180 minutes to tie Pike flies, and catch a fish on them. There’s an added twist to this video, the two tiers/anglers are so young and talented, what I’d give to be involved in big brands like Vision at my age! Unfortunately they didn’t catch, but the video is still really cool!

Its not all about Pike though, how about exploring some tactics for hitting Perch on the fly?

What about big Brown Trout, high in the mountains, that love to hammer rodents (and sometimes birds) off of the surface?

Finally, how do you fancy stalking big Sea Trout in a small river?

Hope you enjoyed those videos, theres many more for you to check out on the YouTube channel! I've been watching these guys for ages, and love their style, and have learnt so much from them!

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