Saturday, 11 October 2014

Fashions in fly fishing

Its an interesting topic, and one that you probably haven’t considered before, but it came to my attention throughout the summer when working at Hart Fly Shop. I spend a lot of time watching fishing videos, footage from across the world and different anglers and their styles, the idea of fly fishing having ‘fashions’ has played on my mind for a while. Here in the UK, most people like their welly boots, waterproofs and quite frankly anything in a green/olive colour. In contrast, look at the Americans. Loud t-shirts with big logos and designs on them, along with technical and innovative jackets and baseball caps. Then nip over to Scandinavia, Vision seems to be an incredibly popular brand over there. I’ve used their products before and I really think that it is under rated in England and I’d love to see more people wearing it - but is that because the English don’t like the style of colourful wading jackets and loud t shirt designs?

I recently had a large order from Costa Del Mar come in. I received performance shirts, a new cap and sunglasses – stuff that most English anglers wouldn’t be seen dead in. I’m trying hard not to stereotype, but I’d much rather be riding round on an American skiff in Costa clothes and a ultra colourful Buff than stood by a lake in wellies and a olive green rain coat. My best example of illustrating this point is the guys from GEOBASS, an awesome series that goes around the world search for “The ultimate bass slam”. Just look at these guys! This is my idea of looking good whilst fishing.

GEOBASS. Cap, Sunglasses, colourful Buff.
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Or is this your more your kind of scene?
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Could it be that our styles are actually just suited to the type of fishing we do? The colourful performance shirts and caps suited to the hot and sunny days out in open water across the flats of America, and the heavy waterproofs for our notoriously wet seasons. Perhaps it’s just my perspective because of my age, being a young angler I want to be wearing the best and most technical clothing I can get hold of whereas others might just be happy with practicality, wearing the same fishing clothes that they have had for years. 
Would you wear this on the water?

It’s not only about clothing but also your whole fishing style, are you all about big streamers and bugs? Or the traditional cane rod and dry fly? Perhaps you’re into swinging Salmon flies? I love fishing streamers, poppers and even Chernobyl ants, but they don’t seem to be the most popular tactics in the UK.  

Poppers, streamers, clousers. My kind of scene.
This article has no intention of disrespecting anyone’s fishing style, it’s just an interesting point that I’ve had on my mind. I want to know what you think causes the differences in tastes across the globe, and also, what are your clothing choices in fishing? Take the time to comment, lets get some discussion going!

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