Sunday, 19 October 2014

Retail Therapy - Fin and Tide

So whilst browsing instagram (something I spend too much time doing) I came across a group called Fin and Tide. These guys are based in London, and make apparel for the ‘Modern fisherman’. I love their ethos, its everything I stand for in my own fly fishing.

Fin and Tide was setup by a couple of keen fishermen based in London, England. Having both travelled the world we came across a variety of cool clothing on our fishing travels and decided to design our own apparel which we feel reflects the change in culture of fishing in the UK. Gone are the days of fishing being seen as hour upon hour sitting static by the riverside only to be replaced by a new wave of anglers who show a passion for travel, conservation and challenge. If we can help make anglers look good whilst out on their favourite mark then that puts a smile on our face.”

The quote above is from the ‘About’ section of their website, and following my recent article on fashions in fly fishing,
its so refreshing to find someone else in the UK who feels the same! The “changing culture”, the “passion for travel” and “conservation” its what I’m all about, and I hope to meet many more anglers who feel the same, especially ones of my generation.  Check out their products, they have some great looking stuff! Check them out here:

So many great products! Which will you choose?

You've got some great looking stuff guys, and I'll hopefully be buying some myself soon! For now though keep up the good work. Like I said, its great to see some guys who feel the same way as me when it comes to fishing!

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