Monday, 24 November 2014

It's Monday Again…

I know I've been posting a lot of videos lately, but I do enjoy a good short movie! Its Monday morning.. the weekend has gone, back to school/work/uni, whatever. Keep yourself entertained with these videos whilst you're in the office, and keep on day dreaming about the weekend!

The first one is for the fly tiers. First time I watched it did bring a smile to my face.. Parental Advisory on this one though!
Now onto a seriously cool video. Ever heard of Roosterfish? If not, listen up and tune in, these things are the real deal!

In Search of Grande from AdamFeuerman on Vimeo.

I found the above video in the latest copy of This Is Fly magazine. An incredible magazine that shares my interest in adventure, conservation and new technology in fly fishing. Its all about the modern angler and a good way to tune into my generation. Have a little read here -

There you go, your Monday in the office has just been saved! Keep on day dreaming for your next trip, I know I will be!

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