Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Remembrance Day - 11th November, 2014.

So it was remembrance day yesterday - 11th of November. Ive always felt pretty strongly about paying my respects to those wounded, lost or effected by war on this thought provoking day, and seeing this video has bought things full circle for me. Although this is in America, and is an American organisation, its still amazing to see. Does a fly fishing charity for rehabilitating war heroes exist in the UK? If it does, sign me up! If not, one day i'd love to be involved in creating one. Im not a qualified instructor yet, nor am I an expert, but i'd still love to give something back.

Give this a watch, and let me know what you think, because I think that every single person involved and featured in this video is amazing, and are all doing incredible things.

I said this yesterday, and i'll say it again - Every year I find myself feeling so proud to be British on this ceremonial and emotional day, and I am forever grateful for the sacrifices made in conflicts all over the world. Service men and woman paying the ultimate price for our freedom. I'll never be a soldier, but one day I hope to give something back, just like these guys gave the gift of fly fishing to the veterans in their country.

For the anglers, tight lines.
For the fallen, lest we forget,
For all that are affected, thank you.

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